New Plié Wand from Julep

Although I personally do not have a Julep subscription, plenty of my friends do and they have raved about the nail polishes. Today Julep is launching something called the Plié Wand — an innovative brush that makes it easier to apply nail polish. It has a much longer handle and it’s ergonomically designed to make polish application neater.

Here’s a video that shows how to use the new wand:

I love that you can create an angle with this wand! I imagine that it’ll make home nail polish application less messy and more professional-looking. If you’re into nail art, I’m sure that the extra control you have with the Plié Wand will make even prettier dots, swirls, and flowers.

In addition to the Plié Wand, Julep has all new colors for summer! So many different polishes… so little time!

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