what a week…

I’m glad Friday is finally here. This has been kind of a crummy week, and I’m glad it’s over. It was the kind that makes you just want to run off and join the circus. Or hide out in a spa 😉 Yeah, that’s more like it. I also keep getting e-mails about fall vacations and they just make me want to go away for a long weekend or something. My friends came down for the Sheep & Wool festival last month and they had the idea vehicle for trips like that: a VW Vanagon equipped with two queen(ish) beds (bunk beds), a two-burner stove, a refrigerator, a fold-out table. It was great! And way to save on RV insurance. They have the necessary features in a more compact form. No, it’s not the kind of vehicle that’s ideal for long trips, but for a night or two? That would totally work.

Anyway, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Well, I should go and work on some holiday bows for my Etsy shop. Laura hasn’t been napping well during the day and I’ve been so busy with other projects that I’m having trouble finding the time. Sigh…

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