on a rainy pre-thanksgiving day

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So, is everyone ready for Thanksgiving Day tomorrow? I have been prepping like crazy all day (and putting the kids to work, as well). All that’s left, really, is setting the dining room table.

My mother-in-law is bringing the stuffing, which I feel is the most work-intensive part of the meal, so even though I am hosting and cooking most of the dishes, I still feel like I got off easy. I also adapted my brandied cranberry sauce recipe to be diabetic-friendly and experimented with a raspberry-lime cheesecake (sugar-free, low-carb of course). I used muffin tins instead of making the cheesecake in one big pan and I think it worked great! I also got to taste one of the “ugly” ones and I’m pretty happy with the result. I will post both recipes next week.

I’m not making either of the desserts I originally planned, but that’s OK. There’s always Christmas!

If you’re heading on the highways today or tomorrow, I wish you safe travels (it’s such a hassle to have to call roadside assistance on a holiday, no matter how grateful you are that they’ve come to help). I’m happy we’ll just be home with family coming to us! No matter how you celebrate, enjoy your day!

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