Free Printable School Note

Free Printable - School Notes

I see from friends’ photos on Facebook and around the blogosphere that many schools around the country are already back in session. Here in New York, however, we don’t go back until after Labor Day. I’m starting to get organized for the new school year, and I find that pre-printed School Notes are an invaluable time and sanity saver. With three kids in school, you can only imagine how often I have to send in a note about a bus change or a dentist appointment. By using these handy notes, I can just jot down the important info, check a few boxes, and voila! It streamlines the entire process.

In the past I have used cutesy notes that other generous bloggers have designed. But this year I decided to make my own because with the boys getting older (5th grade and 8th grade), I didn’t want to embarrass them with anything that might be considered too childish. I thought this design was a good compromise.

Free Printable - School Notes

The other reason I wanted to design my own is because I prefer these long, skinny notes. My kids use folders to carry school papers back and forth and smaller notes, I have learned from experience, tend to get lost or forgotten if you can’t immediately see them. But it’s hard to miss a tall note like this one.

I’m happy to share these notes with my readers this year. I like to keep a small stack printed, cut, and easily accessible. They are not terribly fancy, but they are functional, and I think you will agree — they are a real time-saver! 

Click here to download my free School Note PDF (for personal use only)!

Free Printable - School Notes



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